Enforce Branch Naming Convention Using Husky.NET

Add Pre-Commit Hooks

Integrate GitHooks using Husky.NET

GitHooks are special scripts that Git executes before or after events such as: commit, push, and receive. These scripts are used to automate and customize Git’s internal behavior and to trigger customizable actions at key points in the development life cycle.

SharedAPIKey Authentication in ASP.NET Core WebAPI

API Key authentication represents the initial stage, or Level-0, within the API Security Maturity Model. In this phase, the focus is on basic security measures, primarily revolving around the use of API keys for authentication purposes. These keys are unique identifiers that grant access to the API and serve as a simple yet crucial first line of defence in API security.

Fix IIS Server Version Disclosure in ASP.NET CORE

The server header identifies the server software that processed the request and created the response. However, this header can reveal too much information, making the server vulnerable to attacks. Those with malicious intent can use this information to find weaknesses. If you’re using IIS with an ASP.NET Core application, you’ll notice that IIS inserts a Server header into your HTTP headers, advertising the server platform.

Shift Left in Agile/DevOps Development


Manual Validate Azure Graph API Access token

Yesterday, one of my connections contacted me and asked for assistance with manually validating access tokens, stating that he was experiencing Signature validation errors. So I reasoned that there could be a problem with the signing keys used to validate the signature. However, after hours of investigation, we discovered that the access token we received from Azure Ad is produced for graph api and has a nonce value in the token header. As a result, our validation procedure fails..

Strings and its memory allocation in .NET

The string is the common data type and is almost used by every application. The string is a sequence of characters. Each character encoded in UTF-16 format, String data type has the following characteristics:

Read request body multiple times in ASP.NET Core

In ASP.NET Core, the request can not be read once it is consumed. If you want to read the request body multiple times, you need to set

Request Deduplication Pattern: Introduction


Angular: Long Press Directive with RxJs

I going to share with you, Long press directive implementation in RxJS. In this implementation, we will start the emitting Output event, when the user presses the mouse button for a specified threshold limit.

Troubleshoot Identity Server Integration

In this post, I gone discuss about basic troubleshooting steps or checkpoints to the OpenID-Connect integration of Identity Server with their consuming application. As you know, In Identity Server 4, we basically support only two types of integration:

Manually Validate JWT Token

In this post, I am gone talk about how to manually validate the JWT token concerning IdentityServer. As you know, what JWT is, It stands for JSON Web Token. it is a type of web token that we used in our authentication and authorization system.

Angular Routable Modal Panel

The article is all about to demonstrate how we can use the existing functionality of a router to open modal or panels in angular application. Recently I am working on a new project where I need to open floatable panels in the application.

Prevent CSRF Attacks in Angular App

Before getting started with CSRF Attack, First, we understand how our web authentication works. As you all know HTTP is a stateless protocol. Aaaah? What it means. It means all HTTP requests are executed independently, without any knowledge of request executed before it. So if that is the case, you need to specify your username/password every time, when you send requests to a banking site.

Architecture vs Design in Software

We often use these two keywords in our daily work life “Design” and “Architecture”. But what is an actual difference in Design and Architecture?

Part 2: Inject and Injectable decorator of Angular DI

@Inject and @Injectable are two decorators in Angular DI System. Each of these decorators has their own use in Angular according to requirement.

Part -1: Dependency Injection in Angular

In Angular, we already now that Angular have their own dependency injection system for creating the object of services/components and also resolve the dependency of creating the object. In this series of articles, we will talk about how to configure a service in Angular-Dependency Injection System. Before we dive into the configuration of providers in DI system, let we first start learning about DI system

Demystify ref and out keywords in C#

In the C# world, the most commonly asked question in an interview, what is different between ref and out keyword? In this article, we would understand what is exact difference between these two keywords. Let’s start with basic of programming terms, there is a concept of Pass by Value and Pass by Reference.

Angular Custom Form Control With ControlValueAccessor

Let suppose you want to create password component in which you want an option to hide/see password on eye-like button click. We see this type of component in many sites, the common one is bitbucket login page where you can see your enter password before submitting the form.

Angular Best Practice For Component

In angular, applications built with components, a component is as same as a controller in angular V1.x. The Component is the important building block of Angular App. Due to its importance, we must have to follow the best practices while creating a component in the app.

Constants in C#

A constant is a static field whose value can never change. A constant is evaluated statically at compile time and the compiler literally substitutes its value whenever used (rather like a macro in C++). A constant can be any of the built-in numeric types, bool, char, string, or an enum type.Any reference type excepted string can not be assigned to constant. A constant is declared with the const keyword and must be initialized with a value. Let take an example to explain above lines:- As we said compiler literally substitutes its values whenever used.

Prevent XSS Attacks using Content Security Policy

Prevent XSS Attacks using Content Security Policy