Troubleshoot Identity Server Integration

In this post, I gone discuss about basic troubleshooting steps or checkpoints to the OpenID-Connect integration of Identity Server with their consuming application. As you know, In Identity Server 4, we basically support only two types of integration:

  • Front-Channel Login (aka Passive mode include Hybrid, Authorization Code, Implicit)

  • Back Channel Login (aka Client Credential) .

Front channel Login Integration troubleshooting

In front channel login integration, you may use any available integration flow like Authorization Code, Hybrid or Implicit. In all these grant type we need to different type of different data. First I will listed out the common things in all these grant types that we need to verify if we having any issue like ‘unauthorized_client’.

  • ClientId

  • Scopes

  • RedirectUrls

  • ResponseType Authorization Code Flow = 0 ResponseType: “code” Implicit Flow = 1 ResponseType: “id_token” ResponseType: “id_token token” Hybrid Flow = 2 ResponseType: “code id_token”, ResponseType: “code token” ResponseType: “code id_token token”

  • Client Secret (Required if code is provided in response type)

Back channel Login Integration troubleshooting

It is simple to troubleshoot, because in this we need to verify clientid, client secret and scopes and make the scopes that used in this integration must belongs to API Resource. Identity Resources are not used in this integration because in this secnario there is no acitve user present. It’s basically used for service to service trusted communication.

  • ClientId

  • Scopes

  • ClientSecret

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